Busty daughter teaches step Dad to not suck in bed

I told my stepdad that my mom confided in me that he doesnít satisfy her in bed. That she was even thinking of divorce. He knows we are close. So he believed it. He is so sexy. I used to walk out of the shower in front of him when I still lived there in college because I knew he liked it. Iíve always wanted to know what his cock looks like. I love older men and I think he is the reason why. It might seem a little manipulative. But I wonít ever tell and I know he wonít either. And who knows, maybe he will please her more when Iím done with him. Iím so naughty. But I had to have him. I could tell he was nervous, but also excited because his cock was growing in his pants as soon as I started talking about my generous offer to ďsaveĒ his marriage. I pulled my pants off, spread my legs and told him exactly how to lick and finger his favorite step-daughters pussy. It took some direction, but he picked it up quickly. His handsome warm face between my long legs almost made me cum on its own. Then it was time to fuck me. I needed it so badly. But where to start? Doggy is my favorite. I bet itís momís too. Mother like daughter. His cock was as thick and big as I had imagined while playing with myself all those years.. Daddy knows how to fuck so good with his thick fat cock filling up my tight young pussy. I canít believe he fell for this. I rode him letting him look at my big perfect tittes, then laid back and let him fuck me until I came all over his cock and he filled me with his hot wet daddy load. Some plans are just too good not to work. Starring Bree Daniels

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