Horny Step-mom wants to help with son's girl problems

You seem so sad lately and have been moping around the house... I know Iím not your real mom but I know girl problems when I see them. Am I right? I thought so. I can help you if you want. Maybe show you a few different things about being with a woman. Itís okay because I am just your step mom. I think you are just having a confidence issue. Well trust me, Momma knows exactly what to do to get that confidence to skyrocket! Why donít you just lay here and relax and let me take care of you. But you have to understand that this has to stay between you and me, okay? Iíll show you exactly what you need to do. I begin rubbing your legs and staring deep into your eyes, my finger tips nearly touching your cock with each stroke. Shall we pull him out and see what we are working with here. Mmmh, you like that donít you? Your mommyís hands all over your cock. Leaning in I begin to rub your cock gently with my hands. I like it too. Mommy likes to please you too but pretty soon you will have all the girls rubbing your cock... just like mommy does. How about I take my shirt off for you? I sit up and slowly unbutton my shirt. I wore this just for you. I reveal my beautiful pink breasts. Touch me, I know you like my swollen little nipples. You like that donít you? I slide my hands up and down your shaft nice and slow. Oh that feels so good doesnít it. I rock back and forth, sliding your cock between my hands. Oh yes, I can only imagine how good you would feel inside me. I rub the tip of your cock with my hands nice and tight. You are being such a good little boy. Mommy can feel you growing, itís okay, donít be shy, I love this hard cock baby. You are such a good boy. I keep stroking. Iím gonna make you cum for me too. Let me take this skirt off and get a bit more comfortable. I slide out of my skirt and spread my legs while I stroke your cock. I wanna make you cum for me. I jerk your cock faster and faster pointing your cock at my tits. I stroke your cock as I feel your load getting closer and closer to the tip of your big cock. Cum for mommy baby. I jerk your cock up and down until you explode your load all over my pretty titties! You are such a good boy! Starring Holly Lace

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