Giving my step uncle the best handjob of his life

My step-moms brother is sooo hot. I have always had a crush on him and I could tell that he thinks I'm sexy too. So when my ride fell through to go look at colleges in the next city over, knowing we would have to stay overnight I was so fucking excited. He took me to the college and we did the walk-through. But I couldn't wait to get to the hotel. As soon as we were alone I could feel his energy. I knew it was "go time". I told him I wanted to thank him for all the nice things he had done for me. I told him that I have always had a crush on him and I could tell he liked me too. I pulled my clothes off showing him my big perky titties that I have been watching him look at for years. His cock so hard and throbbing I stroked and pulled on it. It was just as good if not better than I had imagined. Saying all the dirty things I had thought about over the years while I ran my hands up and down his dick I begged for him to cum for me and oh my goodness. He gave me every last drop. I think "uncle" might need to take me to a few more schools before I make a decision. Uncle and Niece road trips are the best! Starring Charlotte Cross

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