Jealous step-daughter shows Daddy everything she knows

Okay Daddy, what's the deal? I see the way you look at my friends. I watch you when they come over. Why don't you look at me the same way you look at them Daddy? I mean, you look at them like you want to fuck them, but you look at me like, like I'm your daughter. I know that sounds funny, but I am only your step daughter... donít you think Iím pretty Daddy? I have had a couple boyfriends that have taught me a few things. A few things I want to show you. I mean really, I am just a younger, prettier, and tighter version of mom. Don't you want that Daddy? I want to give that to you. I want you to see just how much I have learned, and I want to show you just how much I have matured. I swear I am better than my friends Daddy, and I swear I am better than Mom. Let me show you. Why don't you lay down here daddy. First let me get a little more comfy. What do you think of this skirt Daddy? I think Iím gonna take it off for you. I see how you look at my friends butt's. Are you an ass guy Daddy? I have been told I have a very nice one, wanna feel? Now, let's get those lame fucking dad-pants off of you! You know what's not lame Daddy? A hard cock in my mouth, throbbing against my sloppy wet lips and tongue. That's how I want your cock Daddy. Salivating over your beautiful hard cock, I shove it as far down my slutty little mouth as I possibly can. I love feeling you deep in my throat and then all the way back out again. I squeeze your cock in both of my hands, feeling you load get closer and closer to the tip of your cock. I get so excited when your cock gets hard for me Daddy! I stroke your cock with two hands, pointing it up until you cum all over my beautiful tits! That's what I wanted Daddy! Starring Lacy Lennon

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