Am I being a good girl, Stepdaddy?

You're in trouble. You just got married, and now your hot young stepdaughter just revealed that she has a crush on you! She thinks you're the hottest dad, and she's a horny nineteen year old girl. And, she wants to stroke your cock a little bit. Mom's away, and she promised not to tell, so what could go wrong? You look into those pretty eyes of hers, and how can you resist? You lay down and she strokes you over your pants. "I know you love the way I call you Daddy", she says. She takes down her top and shows you her perky little boobs. Now your cock is hard, and your little girl knows just what to do with it. Kimber has to use two hands on your big cock. "That feels good, doesn't it Daddy?" She asks as she pumps up and down. You're so hard and you want to cum in her little hands. Your daughter admires your cock as she continues to stroke you. "Am I being a good girl Daddy?" She sits up and lets you admire her tight young pussy, then she straddles your leg and grinds on you as she fucks your cock with her hand. You love her big ass, and she obliges by spinning around and sliding your cock between her ass cheeks. "I want you to give me all of your cum, Daddy" Her hands feel amazing and you can feel it building, until finally you can't hold back any longer and cover her hands with your hot load. She giggles as she knows that you two now have a very special secret. She's such a good girl. Starring Kimber Woods

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