Ebony daughter jerks her white StepDaddy  |  (Random)

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Ebony daughter jerks her white StepDaddy

I had a shirt made to wear just for my step-daddy. It says "Yes Step-Daddy?". It made step-mom so mad! But I don't care. She's so stuffy and doesn't appreciate how sexy her husband is. Well, I have a huge crush on him and decided to tell him. I can tell he wants me too. I just want to make him feel good. I asked what I could do to please him, pulled up my special just-for-step-daddy shirt and asked if he liked my titties. He did very much! I got naked for him. He got so hard when I took my clothes off showing him what a big girl I am now. All I wanted was to make my Step-Daddy cum.

I put his hard cock between my big titties and asked if he liked it. Then I sat on him backwards bouncing my full meaty beautiful ass against his cock while stroking him off. His cock was so wet in my hand from spitting on it. I know Step-Daddy loves when I do that and my thick beautiful ass. I rubbed his cock and bounced until he came all over my hand. I love pleasing my Step-Daddy. I'm the best step-daughter ever.

Starring Daya Knight

Date Added: 07/29/2023
Starring: Daya Knight
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 12 mins

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