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Step Mom proves she's still got it.

Your stepmom is feeling a little unattractive lately, and needs some encouragement. She's been working out, and trying to dress sexy, but your step-father doesn't even notice. He's too busy working, or watching sports, and she's feeling a little deprived. You think she's hot has hell though, and aren't afraid to let her know! Step-Mom appreciates your words, but she's not sure she believes you. You're just being nice, she thinks. But there is one test to see if you're being honest, and do think she's hot. Step-Mom wants to see if she can get her boy's cock hard! 

She tells you to lay down and starts to feel you over your pants - and it doesn't take long before your sexy step-mom makes your cock grow. She takes it out of your pants and holds it in her soft hand. Her big tits are begging to pop out of that tight little dress she's wearing. She takes your cock in her mouth and you can't believe how good this feels! What the hell is wrong with your step-dad for not wanting to fuck her? Her mouth feels amazing and you grow even harder as she slobbers all over your dick, and takes it all the way down your throat. Your girlfriends don't do that. 

She takes off her top and shows you her big MILF tits and you're ready to explode. Her hand pumps faster and faster until a big load of sticky cum is soon covering Step-Mom's hand. You're lucky to have such a hot and loving step-mom - and you're going to make sure she knows she's the hottest girl you know.

Starring - Ryder Skye

Date Added: 08/07/2023
Starring: Ryder Skye
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 11 mins

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