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Step Mom says "Fuck Me, Or Get Out"

My step-mom told me that my step-dad is a Tipsy and now that I'm 18 that I need to start contributing to her happiness since she pays all the bills for both of us. She told me that my step-dad used to be able to fuck her good. But now that he's a Tipsy he can't fuck like he used to. She told me I could either fuck her like the young stud I am, or get job or get out. I guess fucking my hot step-mom for rent isn't that bad. I've already been jerking off thinking about her for years. I'm just keeping the peace at the house. You're welcome Step-Dad!

She was so fucking dirty and knew exactly what she was doing. She pulled my big hard young dick out of my pants and spit all over it. Stroking it and jerking it with her step-mom hands. The rumors are true, older women are way better at all of it. She pulled off her dress, I've wanted to see her tits for so long. Telling me what a good boy I was for letting step-mommy rub and stroke my cock. Then she took of her panties and rubbed her pussy on my balls and side of my cock while she jerked me off telling me “Cum for step-mommy, Good boy!” she knows exactly what I want to hear. Then I exploded all over her thighs making her stockings all dirty. Looks like I have rent figured out. Best job ever!

Starring Stevie Lix

Date Added: 08/10/2023
Starring: Stevie Lix
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 12 mins

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