Let Me Do What My Mom Won't  |  (Random)

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Let Me Do What My Mom Won't

My Step-Daughter is so giving, caring and all grown up. She hears her step-mother and I fighting and what a bitch her step-mom can be. My sweet step-daughter knows that I'm good to her and her step-mom. She knows that I'm not going to stay if my needs aren't met. And she's willing and let's be honest, wanting to do what it takes to keep me around.

I've watched her grow up into a busty horny young lady. So pretty with her huge full tits in her low cut tops. She offered to take the load that her step-mom hasn't in way to long. I think this naughty little girl understands exactly what I need. Grabbing her full young titties and tasting how sweet her nipples were in my mouth. Making my cock hard, she asked if she could relieve some of the pressure I'm under. Sliding me into her youthful warm mouth definitely helped. Her big round meaty ass in the air. Then stroking me and saying all the things I wanted to hear. Such a little slut in training. Begging me to come for her, then begging me to stay after cumming on her tits. I guess if she keeps this up I'll think about it, for a while.

Starring Blair Williams

Date Added: 08/25/2023
Starring: Blair Williams
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 10 mins

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