Jerking Step Daddy to piss off my Mom  |  (Random)

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Jerking Step Daddy to piss off my Mom

My step-mom made me break up with my boyfriend! We've been together for two years! What a total bitch! If step-mom wants me to be single, I will show her what hot single 18 year olds do when they live "Under your roof"!

So, I'm finally give your husband exactly what he's wanted for years, me touching his cock and the chance to see what nice young titties and pussy look like in front of him. We know he hasn't seen that in years. And I've always thought he was super sexy. I'm not mad enough to fuck him, yet. But I do want to make him cum. I asked if I could give him a hand job and he was already hard when I pulled him out of his pants. I showed him my perfect young tits, got naked and spread my pretty pussy for him. Then jerked him off until he came hot and hard all over my hands. That's what you get step-mom! You better mind your own business or next time that fat load will be in my tight young pussy.

Starring Jericha Jem

Date Added: 08/28/2023
Starring: Jericha Jem
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 12 mins

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