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Step Dad trained me well.

When I still lived at home with my step-mom and step-dad, he and I couldn't keep our hands off each other whenever we were alone. I loved our "games". All these years and I still think about dads thick cock and strong hands when I play with myself. I recently moved back closer to home and my step-dad was nice enough to help me move and get all settled in. He molded me into the perfect slutty woman I am today. I want to show him how thankful I am. I've grown from his fumbly little fuck toy to a grown woman with needs that only he can fulfill.

As soon as we got all my stuff into my new place and my step-mom left, he came to my room. I was on the bed, on my tummy innocently waiting ass-up like I used to do all the time. I know he has stroked his cock thinking about all the men with their hands all over his secretly trained slut over the years. He loved hearing about me doing dirty things with boys when I was younger. Then asking me to demonstrate what I had done on him. He gave me this appetite for cock that I just can't satiate no matter how hard I try. I needed his step-daddy cum! Pulling my shirt off showing him the firm titties he's missed so much. I buzzed no time pulling his rock hard step-daddy dick out and spitting on it and stroking it! I loved every minute of it and so did he! I wanted his hot creamy jizz in my hands so bad and I was willing to work for it like a good girl. Rubbing my fine ass on his swollen throbbing cock, then jerking him off more. Begging for his cum to explode in my hands and he did! He gave me all of it just like he used to! You're never too old to be Step-Daddy's slutty escape!

Starring Blaten Lee

Date Added: 09/06/2023
Starring: Blaten Lee
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 15 mins

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