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Crushing on my cousin

I've always had a crush on my cousin. He isn't really my cousin, not genetically anyway. He has gotten hotter and hotter every year. My "auntie" told me he would be home that night and not to sleep in his bed. I pretended not to know and waited. I was in my panties when he got home and I could tell he was game too.

I told him I've always had a crush on him and pulled his already hard cock out. I slide it deep in my mouth. It was so fucking thick and hard. I took my shirt off and let me him titty fuck me. I loved seeing him above me, his cock dragging in between my firm tits. I sucked him and jerked while he stared at my rack. I love being a dirty 'cousin' fucker. I jerked him off faster and faster until he came all over my chest. I couldn't help but like the tip clean. His cum tasted so good .I can't wait for the next sleepover.

Date Added: 03/26/2021
Starring: Jericha Jem
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 9 mins

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