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Waking up my stepdaughter for sex

My wife quit fucking me months ago. I'm a man and I have needs. My stepdaughter has grown up into a beautiful young woman. She and I have always had a special relationship. I know she will do whatever it takes to keep me from leaving. She has subtly presented herself to me a few times and I always pretended like I didn't notice. I mean, I'm her stepdad. But I know my little girl isn't so little anymore. I know she is fucking. After getting turned down by my wife again, I stayed home from work and went in and woke up my baby girl for some special time together.

She knew exactly what I wanted when I went in her room and woke her up. She told me she understood and just like I thought she would do anything to keep me from leaving. She pulled him pajama top and bra off She spit all over my hard cock. Stroking it and kissing it in her little girl bed. Showing me her hot young pussy, then putting my cock between her big firm tits. Jacking me off on her tittes. Telling me how we I was making her. Begging me for my cum I gave it to her all over her big natural tits. I guess I will stay a little longer.

Date Added: 04/07/2021
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 9 mins

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