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Little Step Sis wants approval

Hi Step-Daddy. Listen I don't know what to do because I can't talk to step-mom about all this stuff I'm going through and I don't really know who else to go to so I was hoping maybe you would understand what I am going through and maybe it is okay to talk about with you since you are only my step dad after all. Okay, so I have been dating this guy and he is kinda... way older than me. But it's because I have tried dating guys my age and they are so immature step-daddy and selfish! When I started dating older guys, I was like, Wow he actually wants to see me cum first before he cums! Oh, I hope that wasn't too much was it? Okay good, see I knew you would understand Step-Daddy. And while we are talking about this kind of stuff, there is something else I kinda wanna talk to you about too Step-Daddy... I really like you, Step-Daddy. Oh come on Step-Daddy, I see the way you look at me.

I start rubbing my big beautiful breasts over the top of my tight top. Come on Step-Daddy, step-mom isn't even gonna be home for a while. I would never tell. I pull my shirt down, revealing my large big girl titties. I continue to rub them and turn around, doing my best to entice you. Come on Step-Daddy, I know you want to. I lift the bottom of my dress, point my beautiful round ass right in between your legs. I rub my behind and turn back around. Please Step-Daddy, she never has to know. I just wanna have some fun with you for a little while. Lay back Step-Daddy, get comfy. I lean you back and place my hands over your cock on the outside of your pants. I am going to stroke and suck your cock now Step-Daddy. I begin to take your pants off. Look at that beautiful cock Step-Daddy. I take your cok straight into my mouth and start licking you all over. I love this cock Step-Daddy. I stroke it and lick the tip some more before sliding back inside my slutty little mouth. I love when you play with my tits, aren't they soft? I rub the tip of your cock against my soft pretty tits. Does that feel good Step-Daddy? I stroke your cock some more. Oh Step-Daddy this is the best! Keep playing with my titties Step-Daddy. I was thinking maybe you would cum all over them. I spit all over your cock. I love a hard slippery cock Step-Daddy. Will you cum for your little girl Step-Daddy? I keep stroking and spitting on your cock, aiming your tip right at my big beautiful tits. Are you ready to cum for me Step-Daddy? I want you to. I keep stroking you as fast as I can until you shoot your hot load all over my big tits! I promise I won't tell step-mommy, and every time she goes shopping, we can have Step-Daddy/step-daughter time.

Starring Anastasia Rose

Date Added: 04/22/2021
Starring: Anastasia Knight
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 13 mins

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