Step Mom strokes me while in her pantyhose  |  (Random)

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Step Mom strokes me while in her pantyhose

My Step Mom is so fucking horny. I could always tell that she wanted my cock. I mean, I'm way better looking than my Step-Dad. As soon as I was legal, she turned it up to eleven! Wearing hardly anything at all when my step-dad was gone. Brushing my cock with her hand or her big round Step-Mommy ass. Things escalated quickly and now she comes home early from work before step-dad and tells me to please her. She's hot and I do have to say that older women do know how to make me cum harder than girls my age. She also lets me fuck her for rent and not have a job. So that's a pretty good deal.

Like the other day she comes home, tells me my only purpose is to fuck her bald pussy. Ripping her nylons and spreading her soft older lady slit. Makes me so hard! She tells me I can either "Fuck Step-Mommy" or "Get a job". Well that decision seems easy. Telling me to be a Good Boy for Step-Mommy she started jerking me off. Then rubbing my dick and telling me how she is pleasing me. She lubed my shaft up with her pussy juices rubbing me all over her bald cunt. Pulling, jerking, stroking and spitting on my cock she begged me to cum on her. I was a "Good Boy" and came all over her tit. Guess I don't have to get a job yet, at least for now.

Date Added: 11/14/2023
Starring: Stevie Lix
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 9 mins

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