Step Sister sucked me on our parent's bed  |  (Random)

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Step Sister sucked me on our parent's bed

I've been fucking my stepsister this summer.all over my parents house. She is so sexy and horny. It's been the best summer! It started with her just crawling in my bed one night because she said she had a bad dream. Her hard lean body up against mine, her hair smelled so good. I got hard and then she just pulled down her panties and slid me deep inside her. Thatís how it all started. We have fucked in EVERY room in the house but one. My parents room.

She called me in their room today and told me we had to fuck on their bed. I tried to say no. But her jean shorts and red bikini top were too much for me to resist. She stuck my cock deep in her pretty mouth just like the good slut I've become so fond of. She stroked me hard and fast and then got naked straddling me backwards so I could see her ass. She yanked me looking so pretty perched on top of me. Then hopping off and slurping on me some more. She licked and pulled on my dick until I came in her mouth. Looks like we have to find new places to fuck outside of the house.

Date Added: 05/13/2021
Starring: Jessica Rex
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 13 mins

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