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Hot Yoga With Step Mom

My stepmom does yoga all the time. She is so fucking hot that I can't help but want to watch her. She always tells me not to watch that it's not appropriate. My step-dad was out of town and I knew she was in her bedroom stretching. I love to watch her ass in her tight yoga pants and her sports bra. She told me to get out, that it wasn't okay to watch because she's my stepmom. Then she said she tries to stay fit and my step-dad doesn't appreciate it. I couldn't help it, I got so fucking hard watching her and knowing step-dad was gone. She loved seeing how hard I was and basically couldn't get my cock in her mouth fast enough. Turns out my new Step-Mommy is a whore!

She told me to lay down because "step-mommy loves to suck cock". She turned into a nympho cock crazed MILF. I didn't know this was in her, or that I would get the chance to be in her. She started giving me the sloppiest dirty blow job I've ever had. She got naked and showed me her perfect sexy mature body. Gagging on my cock like a hungry animal. Putting her perfect sexy ass and pussy in my face. Then going back down and devouring my cock again. She got right on top of me, mounted me and rode my cock. Her pussy was still so tight for a step-mommy. Bouncing up and down on me, I could feel her getting close to cumming on her step-son's hard dick then while fingering her pussy my step-mommy came so hard for me. Then jumping off she eagerly went down and licked all her cum off me, sucking and jerking me until I exploded all over his big step-mom tits!

Date Added: 01/04/2024
Starring: Sarah Vandella
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 17 mins

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