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Step Daddy, thank you for my new boobs!

My stepdaughter is very sexy! She has grown into such a beautiful young lady, and For her 18th birthday, I bought her boobs. They are perfect. My wife thinks its weird that I bought her a boob job. But I asked her what she wanted, and that is what she wanted. Anything for my little girl, sure maybe I was hoping that she would find a way to pay me back that didnít include money. After she had recovered, that is precisely what she did. She asked if Daddy wanted to see her pretty new tits. Of course, I did. They made me so hard she could see through my pants.

She said she didn't know how to repay me, but she would like to try. She pulled my cock out and stroked it with her beautiful new breasts showing. Pulling up her skirt so I could see her pretty ass and pussy she started sucking my cock. I have wanted this so badly for a very long time. She is my perfect secret angel with my cock in her pretty mouth. Sucking my cock perfectly and stroking me with her pretty tiny hands, sheís such a good girl. Good girls donít only get new boobs; they get Daddy's hot cum in their mouth.

Date Added: 06/27/2021
Starring: Astrid Star
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 13 mins

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