Stroking Step Daddy to keep him healthy.  |  (Random)

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Stroking Step Daddy to keep him healthy.

I read an article that said that men should cum twice a day to prevent prostate cancer. I can hear my Mom turning my stepdad down through the bedroom wall at night. He is so fucking sexy. I don't know why she would ever want to turn down a handsome, sweet daddy like him. I have wanted him to touch me for so long. So I guess I need to take his health into my own hands.

I told him about the article I read and said to him how I never want him to get sick and that mom isn't taking care of him. He got hard through his pants, and I knew he thought I was a pretty good girl. He took his pants off and told me to get naked. Stroking his cock made me so wet, I told him that I wanted him to cum on my tits. Daddy knows how to make me happy. He came all over my tiny titties. I told him we have to keep a schedule! Before and after school every day. Must keep my daddy healthy.

Date Added: 01/31/2024
Starring: Maya Kendrick
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 9 mins

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