Stealing Step Daddy from Mom  |  (Random)

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Stealing Step Daddy from Mom

My step-mom went through my phone and found out I'm fucking a guy the same age as my stepdad! If I'm being honest, I've fantasized about him being my stepdad during sex a lot. I've always liked older men, the "Step-Daddy" type. She told me I can't see the older guy I was dating anymore. I'm so pissed. So, I took my stepdad from her! I see the way he has looked at me. I knew I could do it. My step-mom is a prude bitch. My step-daddy is a caring man that deserves to be pleased, by me.

I called him in my room, told him what happened. I could see his cock getting hard in his pants while I was telling him I was fucking an older man. I asked if my step-mom even sucked his cock anymore and he said no. Then he laid down on my bed, I got naked for him. Finally showing him what a women I've become. Stroking and sucking his cock, letting him titty fuck me. It was so hot! My pussy was so wet. Then jerking him off with my young perfect tits he came all over them. I think I made step-daddy happy and my step-mom can fuck right off. I'm step-daddy's good girl.

Starring Skyler Snow

Date Added: 04/03/2024
Starring: Skylar Snow
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 11 mins

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