Stepmom HANDLES my Allowance  |  (Random)

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Stepmom HANDLES my Allowance

I did all my chores and cleaned the house top to bottom because my stepmom asked me nicely. She is so pretty and nice. She Smells good and I think she thinks I'm handsome. Sometimes, I feel like she is flirting with me. The way she looks at me, sometimes her shirt comes down just a little too far. She makes my cock so hard sometimes I have to leave the room. I have came gallons it seems thinking about my cock in her hand and mouth.

Well dreams do come true. After checking all my chores I asked for my allowance. She said that she didn't have any money to give me, but since she was just my step-mom that she would give me a handjob! Holy hell! I tried to play it off like I hadn't thought about this a millions times. Then she took off her shirt and showed me her perfect tits my step-dad bought for her. They are just as full and perfect as imagined. Then she laid me down on the bed and stroked and spit on my cock. It took everything inside me to not cum instantly. She let me feel her big step-mom titties and play with her clit as she milked me. She came so hard for me, her sexy wet twat right there as she jerked me off and begged me to "come for step-mommy"! Pushing me between her huge step-mom juggs I exploded all over them. I think I like doing chores.

Starring Britney Amber

Date Added: 04/30/2024
Starring: Britney Amber
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 10 mins

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