Step Mom cuckolds my father with me!  |  (Random)

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Step Mom cuckolds my father with me!

My stepson walked in on me being fucked hard by his step-dad's friend. He was worried I was having an affair. His step-dad talked to him but he still seemed very concerned. I don't think he knows I saw how hard he was in his pants once he realized what was going on. So the next day I decided to talk to him and let him know that his step-dad loves seeing other men fuck me, and I love fucking other men while his step-dad watches.

The next morning I explained to him that it was okay and why we did it. I could see his huge young cock growing in his pants while I told him about it. I took off my shirt and showed him the beautiful tits his step-dad bought me and took his pants off. Then put his cock in step-mommy's mouth. I jerked and pulled on his young thick dick and begged him to cum all over step-mommy's titties. He's such a compliant good young man. He did just as I told him and gave me his hot cum all over step-mommy's big boobies.

Sarah Vandella

Date Added: 11/03/2021
Starring: Sarah Vandella
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 8 mins

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