My slutty sister in-law wants revenge.  |  (Random)

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My slutty sister in-law wants revenge.

I guess my fiance banged it out with my Step-Sister In-Laws ex-boyfriend before I met her. It doesn't surprise me. My fiance is a sexy dirty slut. After all that's why I'm marrying her. But man, her step-sister is a super sexy even sluttier version of my wife. My wife is tall, blonde and curvy. Her step-sister is a dark haired, tiny little spinner more than a decade younger. I've always wondered if she was as much of a dirty girl as I thought. She's definitely a frequent visitor to my spank bank. Well, I got lucky. She finally made my fantasy come true purely out of spite and revenge. She said she wanted to see my cock before I tied the knot with her step-sister because she fucked around with her boyfriend before. It's only fair and we aren't actually married yet.

She pulled my cock out and stroked it, She is such a whore. I loved it! She pulled her shirt off and only had about two mouthfuls of tits. So different than the DD's I'm getting at home. So fucking sexy. Pulling her pants off while stroking and jerking me she jumped right on top straddling me naked reverse cowgirl. Holy shit! Rubbing my hard cock on her ass and pussy, I tried so hard not to put it inside her. But I couldn't help myself. Her bald tight young pussy was right there. After riding me for a minute she got off stroked me hard and let me cum in her mouth. Now if I can only get these sisters to have a family reunion on my cock.

Starring Sadie Pop

Date Added: 11/06/2021
Starring: Sadie Pop
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 6 mins

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