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My stepsister is a whore

I sent my slutty stepsister a dick pic. I did it because I see what a little ratchet she is with these douche scrub dudes from her school that she brings home when my parents are gone. She just turned 18 and is super down to get naked for whoever it seems. I figured she lives in my house, I bet if I send her a dick pic she will be all over me.

Oh and was I right! I came home and she called me in her room. She told me how horny my the picture of my fat cock made her. She laid me on her bed, and started stroking and spitting on my cock just like a good little slut should. She took off her clothes and flaunted her tiny tits and tight pussy at me while she milked my cock. Getting on top of me and slapping my cock on her firm young ass, my parents would disown me if they knew what I was doing. Just like a good girl she slid my cock right in her mouth and got me nice and wet then jerked my dick until I came in her tiny little hand. Good Girl!

Starring Sadie Pop

Date Added: 06/23/2024
Starring: Sadie Pop
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 11 mins

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