StepDad, all my friends are having sex.  |  (Random)

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StepDad, all my friends are having sex.

I went to a party and all my friends were sucking their boyfriends cocks. It was so hot and made me so horny. I felt dumb because I didn't have boyfriend their to suck his cock. I went home and was visibly upset. My sexy step-dad came into ask me what was wrong and I told him it wasn't fair that I didn't get to suck dick. I asked him to pull his out so I could suck his and he said no. So I did it for him.

I pulled his cock out and shoved it deep down my throat. It felt and tasted so good. I went down and licked his balls and asshole like I had seen on the internet. I could tell he loved it. Then I let him fuck my pretty brace face while he fingered my tiny bald cunt. It made him so hard and I came for him, then he dumped his big step-daddy load right in my mouth. I think he likes me more than step-mom.

starring Anastasia Knight

Date Added: 07/08/2024
Starring: Anastasia Knight
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 12 mins

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