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Blackmailing Mom to jerk me off

My new stepmom got super trashed a couple weeks ago after her and my dad got in a fight. I've been staying with them on summer break from college. I guess she ran into my friend at the bar and fucked him in his car. He couldn't wait to tell me. My dad married her my senior year in high school and all my friends wanted to fuck her, and so did I. I already knew she was a slut, I was just pissed it wasn't me. After all she is my "Mom". I should get dibs.

She asked me I had been acting weird when I came home the other day. I told her that I knew she fucked my friend. She begged me not to tell my Dad and said she would do anything for me not to tell him. I told her I wanted to see her naked. I knew she would be down as soon as she saw my hard cock in my pants. She took off all her clothes. Holy hell "Mommy" is so hot. The tits my dad bought her are perfect. Then she immediately started sucking my cock. She is perfect with my cock in her mouth. Then jerking and pulling on my cock, talking about how mad she wants to fuck me, then she sucked my cock like a good whorish mom until I filled her mouth with my hot wet cum

Starring Silvia Saige

Date Added: 01/11/2022
Starring: Silvia Saige
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 12 mins

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