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Give Stepsister That Baby-Batter

My hot-ass lesbian step-sister's girlfriend wants to have a baby. I think my sis is a dumb shit for wanting to have a baby with a girl that she has only been dating for a few months. Not to mention the janky pot dispensary bottle she wanted to put it in, there is no way my little guys will survive the voyage to planet no cock and make a mini-me in that tired dub bottle. So yeah, I was stoked to finally get the stepsister handy I'd been waiting for.

She clumsily pulled my cock out and fumbled around with it in her hand. It was cute her lack of experience, not to mention, hot being the only cock in her hand in years. She took her shirt off and showed me her pale perky titties with rosebud nipples. I've waited so long to see those. She got the hang of it and stroked and pulled my sloppy shaft. Pulling off her pants and showing me her tiny pussy. I loved how she asked if she was doing it right. Then right as I came she poured my sticky-icky into the bottle that held what probably spurred this hair brain idea. I'm going to tell her the more I cum the more likely her partner is to get married and that it might take a month to get it strong enough.

Starring Athena Rayne

Date Added: 03/03/2022
Starring: Athena Rayne
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 10 mins

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