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My Step Daughter Seduced Me

I married my wife and she was hot, sexy and always willing to fuck. That has died down and made me very aware of how fucking sexy my slutty stepdaughter is. She is always walking around and letting me just enough of her full perky natural tits. He round womanly hips have come in so nicely. I have jerked off so many times after seeing her walk into her room after showering. I've even stolen some of her panties. I thought she had no idea.

My wife was gone and she just came out in her bra and underwear and aggressively seduced me. She got naked and her tits were so amazing. I had looked at them when they popped out while she was sleeping, but seeing them shake while she called me a "bad daddy" for stealing her panties. Running her tiny hands up and down my dick, spitting on it like a good little whore.So many filthy things coming out of her mouth, grinding on my leg telling me I can't have her pussy because its too tiny for me. Then stroking and pulling me until I came all over her chest. It was like the best wet dream I've ever had. But better! 100% fucking better!

Starring Charlotte Cross

Date Added: 04/07/2019
Starring: Charlotte Cross
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 13 mins

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