Slutty Step-Daughter discovers Daddy's kinky sex toys  |  (Random)

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Slutty Step-Daughter discovers Daddy's kinky sex toys

I found a box in the attic right after my step-dad moved into my mom's house. I knew it belonged to him, but I pretended not to know so I could ask him about all the kinky toys I found inside. When he got home, I took the box into his bedroom and opened it before he had the chance to say anything. I know that mom hasn't been giving him the attention he needs. I can tell because he is always staring at me like the boys at school do. I guess now I know Daddy likes to have fun. Well today is your lucky day Daddy, because I am gonna show you how much fun I like to have. I could tell he was nervous as I began digging through the paddles and floggers, asking him to spank me with the ones I like. Maybe he likes having them used on him as well...

I ask him to lay down on the bed so I can have a little fun. I rub the front of his pants, feeling his swollen cock behind his zipper. I ask if I can take his cock out. I help him out of his pants and waste no time going straight to work on his balls with a little rubber flogger. I can tell it makes him happy. After I spank his balls a bit more with a riding crop, I slurp his yummy daddy balls up with my slutty mouth to show him what a good Daddy he is being. I can feel his cock getting harder as I began stroking his shaft with my warm spit and suck on his big daddy dick, stinging his balls with the little red flogger and riding crop. Slipping his cock back in between my hungry lips, I take his throbbing rod all the way down my throat. I love to gag on Daddy's hard cock and he can tell. He wrapped his hand around my pretty little head to keep his cock deep in my throat. When he lets go, I tell him I want him to mark me with all his toys and instantly feel him get rock hard in my hands. I shove his cock all the way down my throat and back out again until he cums in my slobbery little mouth and all over my hands. Your cum tastes so good Daddy!

Starring Brooklyn Grey

Date Added: 05/11/2022
Starring: Brooklyn Gray
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 11 mins

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