Slutty sister wants to see if she can handle step-brothers cock  |  (Random)

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Slutty sister wants to see if she can handle step-brothers cock

Okay so, I know its still kinda fresh, and maybe too much to talk about but there is something I have been dying to tell you. It might sound a little weird because you are my step brother...Promise you won't flip out? Okay so I was talking to your ex about why you guys split and she said that it was because she couldn't handle you cock... At first I thought it was funny, but now I can't stop thinking about it. I mean, we are step brother and sister so, I was thinking maybe you would let me see it. Maybe you would let me see if I can handle it? Just don't tell mom and dad and I won't tell your ex. It can be our little secret.

Sliding off the couch, I crawl towards the bulge already obviously showing behind your zipper. It's already so tempting and I haven't even seen it yet. I begin to rub the palms of my hands against your groin. What a beautiful cock..It's a shame she couldn't take it but I bet I can. Hearing about how big your cock is turns me on so much. Would it be okay if I started to take your pants off? I really want to. Oh my god! It's even bigger than I thought it would be. I slide the tip of your cock just past my lips. I love to feel you throbbing against my tongue. I don't know if you have noticed but I dress in skimpy little outfits just for you sometimes. I like to show it off for you. Maybe now is a good time to give you better view? I lean back and pull my blows up slowly over my head, revealing my perfect perky breasts, with pierced nipples. I crawl up to your cock, I just can't keep it out of my mouth! Its way bigger than my boyfriends cock. Makes me want it so much more. I grab your dick and begin to stroke it faster. It feels so good in my hands, I can only imagine how good it feels in my pussy. Does that make you wanna cum? I want to see you cum. I bet there is a big fat load just waiting for me in this beautiful cock. Maybe I should slide out of these shorts and panties, show you where I want it next time. Something about being naked with you makes me want it so much more. I alternate between sucking and stroking until I feel that load work its way all the way into the tip of your cock. Then with both my hands, I jerk your cock until you ooze cum all over my slutty step sister hands. Did your girlfriend ever do that for you?

Date Added: 05/23/2022
Starring: Athena Faris
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 14 mins

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