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Slutty Daddy's girl shows off new hip tattoo

We have gotten so close Daddy! I mean, I love being your step daughter and I care so much what you think... I want to show you something. I know I can trust you because we have that kind of relationship. Just please promise not to get mad. I got a new tattoo and I want to show it to you. It says " rockstar ". I know I don't really play any instruments but I just love it so much I had to have it on my body! Pulling down my cute little skirt, I reveal a big lushes bush peaking over my tight red panties. What do you think? Are you even looking at my tattoo? Oh my god Dad! Are you getting hard? It seems like you like it. Well, I guess these panties are a little see through. I see you looking at my big pretty bush Daddy. I've been growing it for a really long time.

I begin rubbing my hands all over it, I like the way you watch me Daddy. I like how hard your cock is getting behind that zipper. I can see it you know? Want me to take it out? Want me to touch you Daddy? I want to. I run my hands from my hips up to my breasts and shoulders, I peel out of my tiny blows and stand up. I continue playing with my pants and turn around giving a beautiful view of my tight little ass. Sit down daddy. I love when I can see how big you are. I lean forward and lick your delicious bulge. I unzip your pants and pull your cock out. Oh my god Daddy, your cock is so nice! I begin stroking it, and spitting all over it to make you nice and wet, just like me. Wanna see? look how wet you make me daddy. Rubbing my sweet juices all over my bush before grabbing your perfect cock again. Now I want you to rub my pussy Daddy, I know you want to feel my bush. I want you to cum all over me daddy. Stroking your big daddy dick even faster, I point you up at my chest. Cum daddy, cum all over my pretty titties!

Starring Penelope Reed

Date Added: 06/04/2022
Starring: Penelope Reed
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 13 mins

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