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Sister-in-law thanks you with a handjob

My wife is a cold bitch. She is so hot but is like fucking a cold trout. When she said that her sexy slutty step-sister asked if she could stay with us to save up some money I was all in. I knew she liked flipping her ass in front of me and had heard stories about her having crazy sexual escapades. I knew that I would at least get to see her sexy body around the house. But was pretty sure I would get more out of it if I let her know that it was me that pushed to let her stay here.

The first day my wife was gone and we were home alone, she called me in her room. She told me she knew it was me that talked her step-sister into letting her stay and that she really wanted to thank me. I was instantly hard because I knew what was cumming... it was gonna be me. I laid on her bed and she pulled my swollen cock out and started to milk and pull on it. Taking all her clothes off, showing me her pale rose nipples as her firm young tits bounced while she jerked my cock with her soft hands. Whimpering and begging for my cum I shot my hot fat loud I'd been saving all over her beautiful titties. I think the new roommate is going to work out just fine.

Starring Samantha Hayes

Date Added: 07/10/2022
Starring: Samantha Hayes
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 12 mins

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