Spoiled little slut thanks step daddy for getting her nails done  |  (Random)

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Spoiled little slut thanks step daddy for getting her nails done

Hi Step-Daddy. I wanted to say thank you for taking me to get my nails done. You are such a good Step-Daddy, and I am so happy that you are a part of this family now. I mean, I know you are my step dad, but to me you are way more special. I mean, my step-mom never would have taken me to get my nails done... So I just wanted to say thank you in a special way for you Step-Daddy. Why don't you lay down and let me rub your legs... I can tell you are all tense and I just wanna relax you.

That's good Step-Daddy, lay down just like that. I run my hands along your legs. You know Step-Daddy, those pants look pretty uncomfortable and I'm dying to see what's underneath them. I take your cock out and can barely control myself, I have been wanting to put it in my slutty little mouth for such a long time Step-Daddy. I slide your cock down my throat and back up again. It's so good Step-Daddy. I'm gonna be such a good girl for you. I sit back and quickly remove my tight little tops and bottoms. You make my pussy so wet step-daddy. I wanna put it back in my mouth step-daddy. I keep stroking your cock, bringing it closer and closer to my pretty little mouth. I slide your cock in past my lips and get it all nice and slobbery. I slide it all the way in and out, and start gagging on your perfect cock. I love this cock Step-Daddy. I wanna slide it right in between my tits step-daddy, would you like that? I see you staring at them step-daddy. I know you like them better than moms don't you? I begin sliding your big hard cock in between my breasts. Oh Step-Daddy, it feels so good. I love feeling you get harder and harder between my big beautiful tits. I wanna be so good for you step-daddy. I want you to cum all over them for me okay? Cum all over my tits step-daddy! I keep squeezing your cock in the middle of my tits as tight as I can until you explode all over my chest! Thank you so much Step-Daddy!

Starring Nia Nacci

Date Added: 07/19/2022
Starring: Nia Nacci
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 11 mins

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