Slutty Stepdaughter wants to lend Daddy a helping hand  |  (Random)

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Slutty Stepdaughter wants to lend Daddy a helping hand

Hi Step-Daddy! How long did you say step-mom was gonna be out of tow again? Two weeks? Well I just wanted to tell you that I am so excited to help out if there is anything you need. You take such good care of step-mom and I and I just really wanna show you that I can be the perfect helping hand. I see how hard you are always working, and I just want to help you in anyway you need Step-Daddy. I am a really good helper you know?I know you have been super stressed and worried about everything since you are doing so much by yourself. Why don't you come sit with me and get a little more comfy Step-Daddy... I can rub the tension out of you.

You feel so tense Step-Daddy. Maybe this will help a little bit... I know you're my step dad but I can help in other ways too you know. Would you like me to do that for you? Maybe we should get those pants off of you. I rip your pants off revealing your throbbing cock. I can already feel you in my mouth... I begin sucking your cock. I love feeling so close to you Step-Daddy... I just wanna make you feel good. I love feeling it grow against my tongue. I put my hands around it and stroke your Step-Daddy cock as it gets harder and harder for me. I know you like feeling my little hands around your big at cock step-daddy. I will take all of the stress away from you step-daddy. I think I will take this off too. I lean back and take off my little bra and rub my titties all over your cock. I use two hands to grip your big fat cock. It feels so good in my hands Step-Daddy. I can't wait to see you cum for me too. I feel you getting bigger already. Do you want to cum for me Step-Daddy? Yeah? But first, let me get out of this little tiny skirt step-daddy. I squeeze in between your legs and start jerking faster and faster. I want it all over my tits step-daddy. I get so wet watching your cock get so hard step-daddy. Your dick feels so good sliding in and out of my hands... Yes Step-Daddy, just like that I know that feels good Step-Daddy... please cum for me, I know you want to Step-Daddy. I want you to too. I stroke up and down bouncing my perky little tits right over your dick until you shoot your hot load all over my chest! I bet you feel better now.

Starring Holly Lace

Date Added: 07/25/2022
Starring: Holly Lace
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 9 mins

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