Step Daughter shows Daddy she's a big girl now who likes secrets  |  (Random)

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Step Daughter shows Daddy she's a big girl now who likes secrets

Hey Step-Daddy. I just wanted you to know that I see the way you watch me. I see the way you look at me and I can feel how aroused you are by me. And I don't know if it's because of the close I've been wearing, or maybe you just think I am cute and young. But, you know, you are my stepdad, and I am a big girl now Step-Daddy... A big girl who can keep big secrets. You don't have to be afraid of anything anymore, and I think it's so hot. The less clothes the better I feel. Maybe you should come lay down with me. Don't worry, I won't tell. You have just been such a great step-daddy and I just want to repay all the favors you have done for me.

I bend over revealing my pretty little behind in a classic little thong. I know you wanna touch me Step-Daddy. I have been dying to see what is causing that giant bulge in your pants Step-Daddy, and I know you have been dying to see my pretty little titties haven't you Step-Daddy? I run my hands all over my body. I know you wanna see this pretty little pussy too don't you step-daddy... I want to show you too. But, I think I get to look at yours first. I rip your pants off and run my hands up your legs to your bulge. I can't wait to suck my Step-Daddy's cock. I grab your cock and shove it down my throat. Oh Step-Daddy, you taste so good. My mouth is salivating all over your big hard cock. Do you like that Step-Daddy? Yeah? Do you wanna see my titties now? I sit up and pull my dress off over my head. I love being step-daddy's little dirty girl. You can pinch my nipples step-daddy, I love that. I slide your cock back in my mouth. Do you like it sloppy Step-Daddy? I continue sliding your cock in and out of my mouth, gagging and slobbering all over it. I can't get enough step-daddy. You are so hard. Wanna see this pussy now? Oh yes Step-Daddy, rub that tight little pussy for me. You make me so wet. I continue stroking your cock as I suck on the tip. I want you to cum for me Step-Daddy. Cum all over my pretty little tits. I stroke your cock even faster pointing it right at my chest. Yes Step-Daddy! Cum all over me! I stroke your cock as fast as I can until you shoot your huge load all over my perfect little tits. Don't worry Step-Daddy, it will be our little secret.

Starring Katie Kush

Date Added: 08/03/2022
Starring: Katie Kush
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 12 mins

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