Slutty little girl will do anything to Stay with Stepdad  |  (Random)

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Slutty little girl will do anything to Stay with Stepdad

Hey Step-Daddy, I just wanted to apologize for my step-mom. I don't even wanna call her that... I can't believe her. She did this before when she gets together with someone and leaves them for someone else. I would never leave you Step-Daddy. I would be way better to you then she ever was. So I was wondering if I could maybe stay with you? I mean I know you are my stepdad, and you could say no but, let me give you all the reasons you should say yes first. Why don't you lay down Step-Daddy, I know how much you love to go get messages and I thought maybe if I give you one I can help save you some money. And I know I'll do a great job.

Why don't we get these pants off of you. I crawl between your legs and immediately start undoing your pants. I have wanted to show you how good I can be to you for such a long time. You seems so tense Step-Daddy. I see how hard you are always working and I know you know my step-mom doesn't deserve you. I do though Step-Daddy, I deserve you. I reach down and grasp your cock with my hands and slide it straight into my slutty little mouth. When was the last time you were this relaxed Step-Daddy? I continue to suck your beautiful cock. It tastes so good Step-Daddy. I love it so much. I can't believe she would give this up! I know you like my cute little tits Step-Daddy, wanna see? I sit back and take off my shirt revealing my pretty perky tits. I lean down and continue sucking your cock. I love feeling you get so hard in my mouth. I love listening to you get turned on Step-Daddy. I take your cock as far down my throat as it can possibly go. I love when you touch me and give me all of your attention Step-Daddy! I know what you like better than my bitch step-mother Step-Daddy, that's why you should let me stay here with you! I continue sucking your cock, sliding in and out of my slutty little mouth as fast as I can. I know you wanna feel my ass Step-Daddy, I see the way you look at me. I turn around and stick out my perfect little round butt for you. I turn back around and suck your cock some more. I just wanna see you explode all over my pretty little tits Step-Daddy, please cum for me Step-Daddy. I stroke your cock up and down as fast as I can until you drench my tits in your hot load. Thank you Step-Daddy, that's exactly what I wanted!

Starring Kenzie Madison

Date Added: 08/15/2022
Starring: Kenzie Madison
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 11 mins

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