Frisky stepdaughter wants be Daddy's good little girl  |  (Random)

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Frisky stepdaughter wants be Daddy's good little girl

Hello Step-Daddy! How was your day Step-Daddy? You seem tense, but I know it's just because you are always grouchy when you get home from work. Don't boss me around Step-Daddy, you aren't even my real step-dad. Why don't you just come relax. At least you don't have to wear this stupid outfit. Step-Mom makes me wear it. It's basically a uniform! But, you still think I look good right Step-Daddy? It's just that step-mom thinks of me as this sweet little virgin girl, and the truth is, Step-Daddy, I'm not. I mean, you are only my step dad so I know I can tell you things like this. Are you still grouchy? Why don't you lay down next to me. I want to help relax you and step-mom isn't around. But still Step-Daddy, she would get so mad, so promise you won't tell okay?

I know things have been so stressful here but they are better now that you are around. I mean, at least we can afford these nice clothes... I tease you with the bottom of my skirt, pressing my hot little thighs together. But Step-Daddy, I'm not very comfortable in these clothes. It's just... my boobs are getting bigger and I think I'm gonna need a bra. You can see my nipples through the shirt Step-Daddy, see? I slowly begin pulling my tight little top off over my boobs, revealing my beautiful bouncy tits. Don't touch Step-Daddy! Just look. I can't stop giggling. You are touching yourself too... There's nothing wrong with that right? We are just touching ourselves. I lean back and pull my little skirt up. I want to touch myself too Step-Daddy. I will show you mine first, then maybe I can see yours okay Step-Daddy? Oh, yeah I haven't been wearing panties Step-Daddy. I've been getting a lot of attention but I have been trying to be good. I rub my little pussy right in front of you... Okay Step-Daddy I wanna see yours... Oh my gosh Step-Daddy! I lean over your cock, almost putting my mouth right on it. Can I touch it? I grasp your cock with my hands and begin gentle squeezing and feeling your cock get bigger and bigger. Oh step-daddy! I love this cock. I keep stroking it as I lean forward and rub my nipple against your tip. Step-Daddy that feels so good! I keep stroking your cock. I lean down and tap my face with your perfect cock. You work so hard Step-Daddy, I know this is all your need. I will just rub it out of you Step-Daddy. I love making you feel good. Please don't tell step-mom! I keep stroking your cock and crawl even closer to you between your legs. I want you to cum for me Step-Daddy, all over my pretty little tits. I point your beautiful big cock right at my tits and stroke your cock up and down over and over again until you blast your load all over me. Oh Step-Daddy there's so much! I love being your good girl step-daddy!

Date Added: 08/18/2022
Starring: Zoe Sparx
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 11 mins

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