Slutty step-daughter needs Daddy to teach her how to kiss  |  (Random)

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Slutty step-daughter needs Daddy to teach her how to kiss

Hi Step-Daddy. Why are you looking at me weird? I'm going on a date and I'm really nervous. What do you think? Do I look good? I haven't really worn a dress like this sense I got these big beautiful titties. I am not even sure this dress fits right. What do you think? I really need you to be supportive because I think he is going to kiss me. The only problem is that I have never been kissed before and I'm scared I'll be bad at it. So - I was wondering, will you kiss me? I mean it's not like you are my real step-dad or anything. I'm your step-daughter, and you are just helping me out. Nothing weird at all, okay? I lean forward and gently press my big soft lips against yours. Oh, wow - I could never do that with my real Step-Dad. I'm so happy that you and I are friends. I could probably do all kinds of things with you that I couldn't do with my real step-dad. And, I was thinking, you have only been married to my step-mom for a few months so - nothing counts.
I lean forward and start stroking the outside of your pants, right over the zipper. Your cock is already nice and hard for me. Can I see it? I begin taking my dress off as you stand to undo your pants for me. Slowly letting my little straps fall off my shoulders, I reveal my big gorgeous breasts. I run my hands down to the bottom of my dress and lift it over my perfect round ass. Grabbing your waist band, I stare straight into your eyes. Thank you so much Step-Daddy. I reach in and take your cock out. I can't wait to slip this cock into my mouth Step-Daddy. I press it against my lips and slide it all the way down my slutty little throat. Moaning, I continue to suck your big fat Step-Daddy cock until it is rock hard just for me. I love this cock step-daddy. I slip all the way out of my dress and turn around pressing my tight little ass up against your throbbing cock. I continue to stroke you against my ass as I bounce up and down on your fingers. You make me so wet step-daddy. I want you to cum all over my tits step-daddy, think you can do that for me? I turn around and start stroking and sucking your cock. Squeezing your cock with both my hands make me so horny Step-Daddy. I want to just shove you inside me. But I don't, I keep sucking you, taking your cock in nice and deep. I feel your load getting closer and closer as your breathing gets louder and deeper - I pull your cock out of my mouth and point it right at my big beautiful breasts. Cum all over me step-daddy! You explode your hot load all over my tits. I think I'm good for tonight Step-Daddy!

Starring Nia Nacci

Date Added: 09/11/2022
Starring: Nia Nacci
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 11 mins

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