Slutty step-sister blackmailed my perverted brother  |  (Random)

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Slutty step-sister blackmailed my perverted brother

I can't believe you are really trying to blackmail me when you're the one that violated my privacy. I don't care if I'm not supposed to have boys in my room. It's not my fault that you caught me fucking my boyfriend's cock when you didn't even knock on the door before you barged in. You are really going to tell step-mom and step-dad? You are such a snitch. I think you're just jealous. I think you are jealous that you don't get blow jobs - Look, what if I just like, jerk you off and you don't tell step-mom and step-dad. Obviously that's what you want. Does that sound like a fair trade? Yeah? Why don't you come lay down? I slide myself between your legs. Look at that bulge already! You love getting hard for your step-sister don't you?

I rub your cock from the outside of your pants. Can I take it out? I begin to undo your pants. I think I better get to work before step-mom and step-dad get home. Giggling, I pull your underwear and pants down. Oh my god! I did not expect this - I reach down and start stroking your hard cock. You are such a dirty step-brother. Can I play with these balls too? Yeah, I will take such good care of this cock for you. I keep stroking your cock up and down, spitting on my hands as I stroke. Now you know why boys can't resist coming into my room even though they aren't allowed. I stroke faster. Because of what I like to do. Your cock is kind of fun to play with, you should have blackmailed me sooner. Wanna see what's under here? I slowly pull my tight little shirt over my head, revealing my perky tits. Then I slide my hands into my waistband, sliding out of my tiny jean shorts. You like that? I slide my panties to the side and press my ass up against your cock. I keep stroking it. You are so hard for me! I crawl up next to you and stroke your cock and spit on it as I feel your load get closer and closer to the tip of your cock. I lay across your legs, pressing my soft tits against your thighs as I grab the base of your cock and take big long strokes with the other hand. I want you to cum for me. Squirt it all over my hands. I stroke faster and look you straight in the eyes. I keep stroking till your cock gushes your hot load all over my hands. Oh yeah, you're such a good step-brother. Maybe you should walk in on me some more.

Starring Lily Adams

Date Added: 09/17/2022
Starring: Lily Adams
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 11 mins

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