Slutty sister-in-law shows off her tight little bod  |  (Random)

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Slutty sister-in-law shows off her tight little bod

I just wanted to say you have been such an amazing help to me the past few weeks. I mean look at my boobies, they are so much perkier. Don’t you think? I lift up my shirt showing off my beautiful little titties. My belly is so small and tight. I lift my shirt and rub my silky smooth belly with my pretty hands. And you have even made my booty lifted and all bubbly, look! I turn around and give it a little shake for you. I can’t believe how good you made me look. I cannot believe my step-sister won’t work out with you I mean, ever since you guys got married she has just stopped taking care of herself. I just wanted to thank you for making sure the younger step-sister stays sexier and hotter… So, I was thinking, maybe you should lay down and let me repay my dues…

I lay you down and crawl between your legs. You know, I can’t help but look at you and check you out when we are working out together. I begin rubbing the front of your bulging zipper. You’re so fit and strong, I don’t know how she ever got you. Licking my lips, I can barely contain myself, I want that cock in my mouth already… I can’t wait to see it. I rip off your pants and sit back to look at you. I always knew she was lucky. I begin licking my hands and stroking your cock. I slide it past my slutty lips and suck slow long strokes. I want you to enjoy this. I take my shirt off revealing my beautiful perky breasts. You feel how much better they are? I pull my pants down. Look how tight you’ve made me… I spin around and stick out my round little ass. Perfect in all the right places. I lay on my back and kick my legs in the air, taking my pants off the rest of the way. Now while you look at this tight body, stroke that cock for me. I lay back and rub my pussy over my hot red panties. I slide myself under your cock, and begin to stroke you right over my pussy. You’re so hard for me. I jerk your cock and rub your balls as you kneel over me. I take my panties off, revealing my wet little pussy. Stroke that cock while you look at my pussy. I rub it and spread it open, showing you my wet pink hole. I rub your cock against my wet cunt. Such a perfect cock for such a perfect body. I sit up and crawl up towards your cock. I shove it down my throat and suck all my wet juice off of you. I want you to cum for me, cum all over my tits! I jerk your cock as fast as I can, pointing it straight at my tits until you shoot your hot load all over my pretty breasts!

Starring Katie Kush

Date Added: 10/11/2022
Starring: Katie Kush
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 12 mins

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