Step-daughter wants to take care of Daddy while mom is sick  |  (Random)

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Step-daughter wants to take care of Daddy while mom is sick

Hi Step-Daddy. Step-Mom kinda has a headache or something right now so she told me to come take care of you. I mean i don't know why. You are my step-dad, but I guess I don't mind taking care of you. I mean I know you like it when I take care of you sometimes. Smiling, I start shaking my little boobies at you. So what were you thinking? What do you need from me Step-Daddy? Because I know you miss me Step-Daddy. I yank up and down on the top of my blouse teasing you with my little girl breasts. You are just such an amazing step-dad, I am so glad step-mom is with you. I smile at you teasingly and flash my pierced tiny nipples at you. You can start playing with yourself if you want, while I finish getting undressed.

I pull my tight little top off over my head and squeeze my cute little titties together and smile at you. I stand up and turn around, shaking my tight little ass in your face. I'm glad step-mom is sick... you too right? I unzip my tight little shorts and peel them off of my perfect round ass. I spin around in my pretty pink thong. I love how you touch yourself while I show you my body. I sit down and pull my panties off. I lean back and spread my legs open for you. You like my hairy pussy Step-Daddy? Yeah? Keep stroking your cock while you look at my pussy. I love it. Now it's my turn to play. I crawl down between your legs and begin stroking your cock with both my hands. Oh my god Step-Daddy, your cock is so big. Practically drooling, I grasp your cock with both my hands and start jerking your cock passionately... long, slow strokes. I bite my bottom lip watching your cock grow. Oh wow Step-Daddy, your cock is so hard just for me. I love it so much. I lean over you dangling my perfect growing breasts over your rock hard cock. I keep stroking. Oh Step-Daddy, I am gonna jerk off this cock and make you cum all over my tits. Is that okay with you Step-Daddy? That would make me so happy! I keep jerking your cock looking you straight in the eye. I want you to cum step-daddy, cum all over these tits! I jerk your cock as fast as I can and point it straight up at my tits and stroke it until you explode your big hot load all over my breasts! I love to take care of you.

Starring Izzy Lush

Date Added: 10/17/2022
Starring: Izzy Lush
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 9 mins

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