Slutty girl thanks Uncle for being there for her  |  (Random)

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Slutty girl thanks Uncle for being there for her

Oh my gosh, you will never guess what happened to me. I am so scared that my step-mom's gonna be so mad at me... I got in a car accident and when the other car hit me, all of my stuff got locked in the back. I am so happy I have you, I mean you are always here when I need you and you are always so understanding. I mean you came to pick me up when I had no one else to call. I wish there was some way to pay you back... before she gets here. Someway to repay you... You know some way that could maybe relieve both of our stress.

Breathing deeply, I lean forward and begin rubbing your cock from the outside of your pants. Oh my god... I keep rubbing it. I sit up and begin undoing my robe, revealing a very sexy black bra that I wore just for you. I begin rubbing your cock again. I love when you wear these sweatpants. I can see your dick through them. I slide my hands inside your waistband and tug your pants down. I begin stroking your cock, squeezing it in my warm little hands. I spit right on the tip of your cock and watch it drip down your shaft. You have such a nice cock. I keep stroking. I'm going to admit something to you... I've been wanting to do this with you for such a long time. Since you're so nice to me and I see the way you look at me. I keep stroking your big fat cock. That time you drove to pick me up and we were in the car together... all I could do was fantasize about jerking your cock. I rub your balls with one hand and stroke it up and down nice and slow with the other. I have dreamed of you cumming all over my hands. I begin to jerk you faster, I can't wait to feel your cum all over me. I start stroking your dick faster and faster with both of my hands. Oh my god, you're so fucking hard. I sit back and undo my bra. I begin squeezing and rubbing my nipples. I can't wait to feel your cum all over my tits. I point your cock up at my perky little boobies and jerk you faster and faster. I stand up and turn around. I slowly pull my skirt down and begin rubbing my hands all over my body for you. Crawling back between your legs, I grab your cock with both hands and point your cock right at my breasts. Will you please cum for me, I want your cum! I've wanted this for so long! I lean over you and jerk your cock as fast as I can until you explode your giant load all over my tits! Oh my god! I rub your cum all over my body. I better go get all cleaned up before my step-mom gets here!

Starring Penelope Reed

Date Added: 10/23/2022
Starring: Penelope Reed
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 11 mins

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