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Slutty little attention whore wants to please step-daddy

I don't even know why you are mad at me. Hello? Ugh God. You always do this. What is it this time? I stayed out too late? Didn't put gas in the car? Oh I know... was it the phone bill? I was texting too much again wasn't I? Well, you can't blame me. I am always trapped here, all the cute boys are out. I'm lonely, and bored. And then you are always giving me the silent treatment and it's driving me crazy! You know you could try to help. You could tell me when I'm doing things wrong. We can like, talk and stuff. I mean you can even punish me I guess, if you want to. Just, I need some fucking attention! We can be cool, let's just talk. I know mom's really stressing you out. Oh, is that why you are always giving me the silent treatment? You need attention too? Look just pay my phone bill, don't tell mom and I can help you relax.

I lean over and start rubbing the top of your pants. See, isn't that better. Don't worry, I just want to be a good girl and I don't want you to be mad anymore. I take your pants off slowly and undo my shirt revealing my cute perky tits in a tight pink bra. I can already tell you are less angry, and I haven't even done anything yet. I take my bra off and start squeezing my nipples. Yeah Daddy, play with my little titties. Squeeze them like little stress balls Daddy. I lick my hand and start rubbing your dick. I wanna squeeze your swollen cock. I'm a Daddy's girl huh? Giggling I continue stroking your cock while I shake my little yellow skirt in your face. You wanna see daddy? I pull my skirt up and show you my cute panties. Wanna see my kitty? I pull my panties down around my thighs. I grab your cock and start stroking up towards my little hairy pussy. This is Daddy's pussy isn't it? Yeah? I keep stroking your cock. I'm not gonna put it inside Daddy, I just wanna play. Bouncing all over, I start to stroke your cock with both my hands. I undo my skirt and slide my pussy down by your cock. I begin stroking your cock and rubbing my clit. I just wanna make you happy Daddy. I take your cock with both my hands and stroke it up and down as best I can. I can't believe how hard you are Daddy! Mommy never plays with you cock does she. I love it Daddy. I start stroking your cock and rubbing my little pussy again. Don't be so shy Daddy, I love giving you attention. I crawl up between your legs and start licking your cock and sucking the tip as I stroke you. Oh Daddy, you gotta let it all out. I begin rubbing your cock right against my tits. Give me your cum Daddy, I want it all over my tits Daddy! I keep stroking your cock until you explode all over me. I'm your little attention whore Daddy.

Starring Zoe Sparx

Date Added: 06/11/2020
Starring: Zoe Sparx
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 12 mins

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