Slutty step-sister thinks step-bro takes to long to cum  |  (Random)

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Slutty step-sister thinks step-bro takes to long to cum

Yo, step-bro... what gives? What is going on, I can't even hear my T.V. show. Oh don't try to hide it, I can see your boner under those shorts. It's fucking huge! It looks like a giant hotdog or sausage or something... Oh relax, it's not like I'm your real step-sister, you're my stepbrother, I can grab it all I want. I mean it doesn't really seem like you even know what to do with it, you take so long. Oh right, you don't even have a girlfriend, I know that's part of it. Can't you just do it faster, you are ruining my show. Well, what am I supposed to do about it? Help you? You want me to help you? Hmmm... I guess I would like to enjoy my show for once. Alright, I guess I can give you some... inspiration.

I sit back and begin rubbing my tits together. I rip my shirt off over my head. I place one hand on my chest and the other on your cock. Wow, I wonder if your Step-Dad's cock is as big as yours? I peel your shorts and underwear off. Oh wow, it's so big. I can't believe how hard it is! I stroke you, hanging my big breasts right over the tip. Why do you think it takes you so long to cum? Have you ever thought about getting it wet? It's so dry, and I think if you tried lube you might feel more. I think I have some around here somewhere... hold on. I stand up and take me tight black pants and pretty panties off. Oh there it is... I squirt the lube into my hands and sit on the side of the bed with my legs open, showing you every inch of my completely naked body. I promise you, this is going to feel so much better than anything you have done to it. You are gonna love this. I grasp your swollen cock and squeeze it, working the lube all around your cock. I stroke it faster and faster. See, isn't that way better? You like when your step-sister strokes your cock don't you? I know you do. I'm telling you, if your step-dad is anything like you are, I don't blame my step-mom for marrying him. I lick the sides of your throbbing dick. I spit all over it and wrap my lips around your tip. You really like that don't you step-bro? I totally don't blame you. I start licking your balls and sucking them into my mouth. You are so hard step-bro! Don't worry, nobody is going to find out. I keep stroking your cock. I told you the lube would make a difference. I suck long and hard on the tip of your dick and take big long strokes all the way up and down. You owe me so many favors you don't even know. I stroke you faster and faster as I feel your cum building towards the top of your cock. I know just the thing you need. I pour more lube into my hands and rub it all over your cock and balls. You love it don't you? I do, I see that pre-cum. I can't wait to see it all come out. I start rubbing my pussy and licking the juices off my fingers. I would have done this a lot earlier if I knew how big it was... I spit on it and stroke it faster and faster. I want you to cum for me now step-bro. I stroke faster and faster and watch you shoot your huge load all over me! Oh my god! Big dick and big load! I'm gonna go wash off... you should too.

Starring Anastasia Rose

Date Added: 11/16/2022
Starring: Anastasia Rose
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 11 mins

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