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Step Sister lost a bet

Yes, I know I lost the bet. I'm still not going to fuck you, you're my stepbrother, and that would be gross. You are pretty hot though, and it's been a while... how about if I just jerk you off instead? Lay down and let's settle this bet once and for all. Your cock is much bigger than I imagined! It feels good in my hand, I bet you like it too. I could always tell you wanted this, by the way you look at me. I run my hand up and down your cock and feel you getting harder. I can't help myself, your cock looks so good! Let me just put it in my mouth for a second. I think I should make bets with you more often!

Let me get more comfortable and take off some of these clothes. God, my pussy is getting so wet, wanna see? Let me just climb on top of you for a second and see how that feels... I'm not going to fuck you, but your cock does feel good when I rub it against my clit. OK, that's enough... I don't want to accidentally slip it inside. I'll just keep stroking you until you bust a load in my hand. Ahhh there you go, isn't that much better? You just came so hard... maybe we should try this again sometime?

Starring Victoria Voxxx

Date Added: 06/23/2020
Starring: Victoria Voxxx
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 9 mins

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