Slutty step-daughter has special going away present for Daddy  |  (Random)

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Slutty step-daughter has special going away present for Daddy

I can't believe I am going away to college soon. It came so quick, but you know there is really only one thing I am going to miss. You know what that is? It's you step-daddy. You have been such a big part of my development since you married my step-mom. I think I am even closer to you than I am with my real step-daddy. So I just want to give you one special thing to remember me by before I leave. So, lay down.

I crawl on top of you and pull your pants off. I just want you to remember every inch of my body. I pull my shirt up over my tits. I want you to remember me for a long time. I rub and lick my tits as I straddle your lap. Step-Daddy's little girl is all grown up isn't she. I squeeze my tits together, showing off for you. I begin to pull my skirt down revealing my pretty pink panties. You like this view Step-Daddy. I pull them off, you wouldn't forget this would you? I bend over and shake my ass right in your face. Mmhm, yeah feel my wet pussy Step-Daddy. See what you do to your little girl? I crawl back between your legs and begin sucking and rubbing your cock, slurping my spit off of your huge, swollen cock. I lick the tip as you get harder and harder. You like that Step-Daddy? I keep sucking. You like when your little girl sucks your hard cock. I spit on your cock and jerk you up and down with both my hands. I continue to work your cock in both my hands. Wanna cum on my ass Step-Daddy? I turn around and rub my ass against you throbbing cock. I jerk you up and down against my ass nice and slow. I stroke faster and faster. I turn around and crawl between your legs, getting as close to your cock with my perfect tits as possible. Or do you want to cum on these Step-Daddy? I feel your cock get rock hard as your load practically shoots to the tip of your cock. I jerk as fast as I can until you explode you thick load all over my tits. Think about me while I'm away Step-Daddy. I don't want you to forget your little girl.
Starring Katie Kush

Date Added: 12/07/2022
Starring: Katie Kush
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 10 mins

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