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Do you think I'd be good at porn Step Daddy?

I have some pretty big news Step-Dad. I haven't told Step-Mom yet, or my real Step-Dad - but I trust you, you're an amazing step-dad and I need your opinion. I've been thinking about trying to do porn! I've never really done anything with anyone but my ex boyfriend, but I think I'm pretty good. Am I pretty enough? I LOVE to suck cock, and I do it really good. Can I show you? I really need your opinion. Come lay down Step-Daddy... let me take your cock out and show you how good I am. I love the way you're touching me, I have such sensitive nipples. Squeeze them Step-Daddy, let's see your cock now. Oh my god! It's so big!! It's much bigger than my ex boyfriend's. You're making my pussy so wet - do you want to see that too?

Let me show you how deep I can take your cock. You love that don't you Step-Daddy? You love your little girl's mouth around your cock. I'm so horny, can I just slide on it and rub my pussy on it? It feels so good... how about if I just slip it in and ride it for a little bit. Oh Fuck! It's so good Step-Daddy! You're going to make me cum! I want to put it back in my mouth so I can taste myself. Mmmm it tastes so good! Give me your cum Step-Daddy, show me that I'm your good girl! Cum all over my tits Step-Daddy! See, I think I'll be really good at porn, don't you?

Starring Brooklyn Gray

Date Added: 12/28/2022
Starring: Brooklyn Gray
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 11 mins

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