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Getting acquanted with my new Step Dad

Step-Mom went out to brunch with some friends, so I thought this would be a good time to get more acquainted with my new step dad. I know step-mom thinks I'm a good girl, I get good grades, and don't get in trouble, but the truth is I'm really a bad girl. Would you like me to show you how bad I am? Let me show you my perky titties, they're nicer than Step-Mom's, aren't they? Step-Mom thinks I'm a virgin, but I'm really not. I love giving guys head, and I've been thinking that maybe you'd like to see what I can do for you that my Step-Mom can't? Let me take these panties off and show you my smooth pussy, it's completely bald. Touch me Step-Daddy, see how soft my pussy is. Just like that, I love how you’re fingering me. Maybe I can play with your cock a little bit?

It's so nice Step-Daddy, I just have to put it in my mouth, is that ok? Do you like that Step-Daddy? I know step-mom doesn't do this for you, she's such a prude. I want to make you feel good Step-Daddy. This is definitely a good way to get to know my new Step-Daddy! I can take your cock all the way down my throat. I want to make you cum for me Step-Daddy, Let me stroke you faster until your cock explodes in my hand! OH my god Step-Daddy!! That's so much cum! I love being your step-daughter.

starring Anastasia Rose

Date Added: 12/31/2022
Starring: Anastasia Rose
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 18 mins

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