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Making my new Step Daddy cum

Are you and my step-mom fighting again? She's such a bitch, that's why my Step-Dad left her. You're a great step-dad, I hope she doesn't chase you away too. I love having you as my Step-Daddy, let me make you feel better. Come lay down Step-Daddy and let me take care of you. Do you like my tight little titties Step-Daddy? They're so much prettier than Step-Mom's, don't you think? Do you like my perfectly smooth, shaved pussy? Wanna touch it? Yes Step-Daddy, like that... your fingers feel so good on my clit. I'm so wet for you. I can't wait to taste my Step-Daddy's cock. It's so nice Step-Daddy, does my mouth feel good? I can tell you like it because you're so hard. Come here Step-Daddy, I want to feel you in my little pussy. Oh god Step-Daddy! It's so big! Fuck me Step-Daddy, just like that. You're going to make me cum! Let me flip over for you so you can fuck me from behind. Oh fuck Step-Daddy, I'm cumming! Now it's your turn. Lay back and give me my Step-Mom's cum, let me suck it some more. Are you ready to cum Step-Daddy! I want it all over my ass, mark me as your girl! I love my new Step-Daddy.

Starring Katie Kush

Date Added: 01/03/2023
Starring: Katie Kush
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 13 mins

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