I'm tired of Fuck Boys, I need my Step Daddy's cock  |  (Random)

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I'm tired of Fuck Boys, I need my Step Daddy's cock

Hey Step-Dad, I know this is weird and you probably don't want to talk to your stepdaughter about boys, but I need your advice. I've been trying to get with some guys, just for fun, but they are just fuck boys. They come and have sex with me and then they just leave me without me even getting off! I want to cum too, and all the guys my age are just awful. I need an older more experienced man like you. Do you think you could show me what it would be like to be pleasured by someone who knows what he’s doing? Honestly, I really want to suck your cock. Can I Step-Daddy? Please lay down and let me play with you.

Oh Step-Dad, your cock is so nice! I love running my hand up and down, but I want to feel it in my mouth, can I suck it? See what a good girl I am Step-Daddy? Boy's should like me, right? Do I suck your cock good? It's making my pussy so wet, let me show you. Touch me Step-Daddy, I'm so wet for you. Can I feel your cock inside? I'm so tight, much tighter than Step-Mom’s pussy, right? Do you like the way I bounce up and down on your cock? I love fucking my Step-Dad, Oh my god it's so good! I'm cumming Step-Daddy! Now it's your turn, cum all over my tits Step-Dad! You're so much better than a fuck boy.

Starring Kenzie Madison

Date Added: 01/06/2023
Starring: Kenzie Madison
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 13 mins

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